Grisaille Inspired Portraits

• Learn the essentials of drawing a compelling, lifelike human face.

• Sharpen your drawing ability with simplified procedures using a systematic approach.

• Each drawing step will progress you from structure and anatomy, to facial features and expression.

• Draw a portrait of a loved one or a historical figure you admire to work with.

• Understand the structure of the facial features and the principles of anatomical proportion.

Create tonal value, lighting and how to show halftones, highlights and shadows to create a realistic three-dimensional form.

• One to one and small group tuition.

• Learn how to draw the nose, eyes, ears, mouth and render realistic hair.

Create complex textures like wrinkles, bumps, scratches, pores and skin imperfections.

• All art sessions will be approached in a unique, fun, relaxed studio setting.



07592 779968


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