‘Pretence of Wisdom’ Selected for Mall Gallery Exhibition, London

‘Pretence of Wisdom’
A portrait of my grandmother, Joan Bennett (1921-2000)

Preparing for this is rather exciting first appearance at Mall Gallery Exhibition, London.

Dear Artist
I can confirm that your painting has been selected for Final Selection.
Mike Clark. Treasurer

Society of Graphic Fine Art

99th Annual Open Exhibition at Mall Galleries, London.

The Drawing Society
Established in 1919, the Society of Graphic Fine Art exists to promote and exhibit works of high quality in colour or black and white with the emphasis on good drawing and draughtsmanship, in pencil, pen, brush, charcoal, conté or any of the forms of original printmaking, as well as any original artwork including paintings, which demonstrate evidence of drawing by hand.

The exhibition will be held at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, St. James, London SW1.


Submissions of work are invited from visual artists working in any medium which demonstrate evidence of drawing.

Artwork Types

The SGFA exists to promote fine art drawing skills, to this end the selection committee will be looking for strong evidence of drawing in the work submitted.

Work that is eligible for submission includes: Drawings in any medium, monochrome or colour – pencil, coloured pens and pencils, pen and ink, pastels and oil pastels, charcoal, conté, etc.

Any original artwork which demonstrates evidence of drawing by hand: – original printmaking, watercolours, acrylics, oils and 3-Dimensional work.