The Gordon Banks Tribute

Gordon Banks OBE, England & Stoke City Legend

On hearing the sad news of Gordon Banks death from my son, Callum and wife, Jayne. I sat fixed on the spot news channel hopping listening to the breaking news. I was ready to leave for my studio but the gravity of the unfolding story held me in position. I spent the next two hours the attempting to grasp the meaning of the news. A Stoke City fan since 1975, the magnitude of the loss of Stoke City and England’s greatest goalkeeper, “Banks of England” was incalculable. I spent the remainder of the day watching the developing TV coverage arriving from the across the world, and in the meantime managing a few stray tears and stunned texts. It was this point Jayne said, “Why don’t you do a portrait as a tribute to Gordon?” So I did…

My initial research led to a composition of Gordon. A double portrait past and present. A true image of sporting heroics, bravery, resilience and humbleness. A statesman, a gentleman…a footballing legend.

The completed image and my story caught the attention of the local media. BBC Radio Stoke interview, the image used on their Facebook page on March 4th (the day of Gordon’s funeral) and Leek Post & Times (my old employer) article.

The Cover Story in Sentinel PEOPLE and Stoke City Media team visit to Studio 6. Thanks to their help and John Ruggiero Of SCOBA (Stoke City Old Boys Association) a meeting was arranged to hand over the original double portrait to Gordon’s family.

Ed Jervis and Bob Banks receive my portrait of Gordon outside the Bet365 stadium. Ex-Stoke City player, Kevin Lewis receives a print in aid of charitable causes linked to SCOBA.

The art work displayed in Gordon’s home