‘The Face’ – A Portrait Drawing Workshop at Bullclough Art School

Gavin Bowyer

Fine Art • Portraiture • Design Illustration

Join professional Portraitist, Gavin Bowyer, and learn the essentials of drawing a compelling, lifelike human face. Whether you are an absolute beginner or wish to develop existing skills, this course is for you. Over the two days you will sharpen your drawing ability with simplified procedures using a systematic approach. Gavin will demonstrate each step with pencil and graphite where you will progress from structure and anatomy, to facial features and expression. So, what better way to introduce you to the art of portraiture than a visit to the beautiful Bullclough Art School? You are welcome to bring along a portrait of a loved one or a historical figure you admire to work with.

Gavin will take you through the techniques you need to capture a subject’s likeness. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the structure of the facial features and the principles of anatomical proportion. He will discuss tonal value, lighting and how to show halftones, highlights and shadows to create a realistic three-dimensional form. He will provide one to one tuition and demonstrate his own personal pencil drawing approaches using source photography and working directly from observation. You will learn how to address how to draw the nose, eyes, ears, mouth and render realistic hair. In addition, Gavin will help you create complex textures like wrinkles, bumps, scratches, pores and skin imperfections, in order to create a stunning grisaille inspired portraitAll will be approached in a unique, fun, relaxed setting here at Bullclough and it doesn’t matter if you have never picked up a pencil before.


m: 07710 479852

email : nellieshepherd@me.com

Write to: Bullclough School Of Art




Peak District

ST13 7RR

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