The Last Artwork of 2019, ‘Bean’

Probably my most difficult art challenge of 2019 has to go to ‘Bean’. A tortoise shell cat that lived its incredible life in Leek with its devoted owners Julie and Andy.

Bean was a camera shy cat full of character and catty determination. Only fleetingly blurry photos remained. An A3 commission was selected and so I began my December journey to capture Bean.

Gridding and lining out
Prepping the first layers of tone
Working from the top
An early social media promotion.
On the drawing board Beanies torso takes shape
An update of pet portrait progress
Filled in before the tonal spruce up
Nearly completed before committing my signature
Bean framed and displayed for one day only in Studio 6 at the Foxlowe Creative Hub
Andy inspects his commission and Julie simply says, “Wow! You’ve really captured her. That looks amazing.” Relief to say the least
Ready for its final journey
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