Virginia ‘Ginny’ Grayson – In-depth seeing that makes the overlooked known.

Article by Alan Katz – ‘Painters who just Painted While the Art World Burned

“That’s the terrible thing: the more one works on a picture, the more impossible it becomes to finish it.” Alberto Giacometti

It has been said that we never really know something until we draw it. The way we draw, seems more connected to something biological or psychological within us that forms interpretive awareness and understanding. We can be taught how to abstract what we see through exercises focusing on line, form, light, composition or technique, but the best drawing lessons come from just drawing.

It is true that the more one draws, the more one sees. But it is also true that the more one draws, the more one naturally abstracts the focus. Drawing is where real artistic battles takes place, cementing a strong foundation to build painting skills from.

For Australian artist , Ginny Grayson, every drawing is a battle that makes process ever changing. Grayson explains her work this way..”At its essence my work endeavours to relate to the viewer from a personal level the ‘actuality’ of experience itself. Observational drawing is especially engaging for me – encompassing memory, time, emotion and a high level of concentration. It absorbs, frustrates, excites, terrifies, exhausts and humbles. I often feel blind when drawing from ‘life’, the more I look the more I see. Lucien Freud remarked, “The harder you concentrate the more things that are really in your head start coming out”.

A level of completion in a drawing is difficult for me to attain, there always seems to be more that can be explored, learnt and discovered. But it is a conundrum I am becoming more comfortable with as the physicality and tension that manifests in the work through this response, through the process of drawing, re-drawing layering and erasure, is essential to what I am seeking to communicate in it’s direct link to the visceral and the ambiguous feeling. In the end, the creative struggle is worth the fight through a committed purpose of understanding.

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