Cellophane Line Portraits

At the end of 2017, I completed a set of ‘quick fire’ cellophane line portraits. During the Facebook Portrait Project I completed over 100 pen line social media portraits over a 50 day period and posted the results. Californian based boy band Phase 5 member, Lee Brown, said, “Ahhhhh this is amazinggg!!!! hahaha you exaggerated the beard which I appreciate!” Also, Will Newall, received his picture in the early hours of the morning in New Zealand and after a 12 hour delay, “Gav, that’s awesome! Thanks mate! No point in trying to avoid wrinkles that are there anyway Bro!”

IMG_1060(Edited)The ‘Line Portraits’ are a great way to enhance your social media profile picture and amaze your friends and family. It is also a quick and economical way to own your own original artwork. If you prefer, you can arrange to have a loved one immortalised into an original portrait art piece. Its so easy, all it takes are a few little steps:

  • Step 1: Send a clear close up photograph of you or your loved one via email or Messenger;
  • Step 2 (Optional): Include a second image which captured a favourite family occasion, location or moment which will be used as a backdrop for the portrait (see slide show below) or suggest an image (past or present, near or far) that I could use as a backdrop for the portrait;
  • Step 3: Select and order your preferred portrait option. Either:-
    • Option A: A completed ready to use electronic photograph of your line portrait returned to you via email or Messenger – (£25.00); or
    • Option B: The original signed cellophane line portrait (approximately 15x10cms) with card support – (£35.00 Inc. p&p), or
    • Option C: The original signed cellophane line portrait (approximately 15x10cms) in a 25.7 x 20.6cm cream window mount – (£42.75 Inc. p&p), or
    • Option D: The original signed cellophane line portrait (approximately 15x10cms) in a 25.7 x 20.6cm cream window mount with a (black, white or grey) frame with a – (£50.00 Inc. p&p), or
    • Option E: Option A + Option B – (£57.95 Inc. p&p); or
    • Option F: Option A + Option C – (£65.00 Inc. p&p); or
    • Option G: Option A + Option D – (£72.95 Inc. p&p).
  • Step 4: Receive confirmation (usually within 48 hours) that your images are appropriate to use;
  • Step 5: Complete payment via PayPal or by cheque payable to ‘Mr G. M. Bowyer’. Portraits will be emailed and/or posted on clearance of cheque.

Option A Gallery (£25.00)

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 Option B Gallery (£35.00)

Option C Gallery (£42.75)

Option D Gallery (£50.00)

Or select a combination of either Option E (£57.95), Option F (£65.00) or Option G (£72.95)