A Portrait Commission – The Prestige of a Unique Work of Art

In our mass-produced age, few material objects possess the enduring value and prestige of a unique work of art. To commission and own a family portrait is a captured moment in time.

A statement to immortalise and eulogise a loved one in their pomp. An artwork allows you to peak into to the past and create an exceptional chapter in your families history.

We are drawn to portraits because they tell a story, both about the subject and the artist. A portrait commission can celebrate the youth of your child, the joy of a wedding day or a battle endured and overcome.

A portrait depicts the humanity of a person in a moment in time. Even a centuries-old portrait can conjure up its subject and breathe life into a distant memory and brings to life a personality that would otherwise have vanished into obscurity.

A portrait is a cherished family heirloom and a priceless investment because of the joy it will give you and your family for generations.

The fact that we are able to view portraits from centuries ago is a testament to the institution of the craft of portraiture and an excellent reason why you may consider investing in a commission.

Contact me today, Gavin Bowyer – Fine Art & Portraiture, for a quote: 07592 779968 or gavinbowyer45@gmail.com

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